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Roots Salon and Wellness In Cary, NC

Residents of Cary, NC have heard a lot about the new salon and wellness destination called Roots. Only having been around since 2017, that’s a huge achievement. Since then they have experienced support from guests, giving them a nearly perfect five-star rating. All of that led them to be able to expand this year, 2019.

Zachary Hewett founded Roots Salon and Wellness and wanted it to be different than any other hairdresser in Cary. He grew up in and around salons, so it was inevitable that he became a hairdresser and owns his own salon. Clients love the local mentality and the new atmosphere Hewett delivers to the salon market.

Roots Salon Services

This is more than just an average hairdresser in Cary. Clients can get all of their beauty care services in one convenient place. When guests enter Roots for the first time, they are shocked at the calming atmosphere, almost like being at a spa. Guests sometimes want to stay the whole day, to which Hewett says “Be my guest”.

All under one roof, clients can get the following services:

Hair / Hair Extensions


Teeth Whitening

Spray Tanning


This means that a bride can prepare for her big day all in one spot. Maybe even a group of gals can spend a day pampering themselves. Still, a lot of people find comfort in just arriving by themselves and allowing the homely atmosphere to take them into a state of silent bliss. Hewett’s team of specialists has a gentle touch to totally change your expectations of a salon. You may not want to go anywhere else ever again!

How They Do It

Roots is based on the principles of organic, health, and wellness. In addition to giving clients that perfect look they desire, Hewett wants to do so in a way that is safe for the environment. Their exclusive use of hair products like Davines and organic spray tanning ingredients shows how dedicated this Cary hairdresser is to bettering the community and the world.

Get Your Esthetics Services At Roots Salon and Wellness

The professional esthetician on staff can provide gentle and luxurious service in a snap. This includes lash extensions, facial waxing, and body waxing. This is the same person on duty to handle spray-tanning needs. Having a skilled specialist puts guests’ minds at ease. They know they will like what they see in the mirror.

Not Just Any Hairdresser in Cary

Roots Salon and Wellness stands a head above the rest when it comes to providing top-notch salon services. They bring a new meaning to the words beauty and relaxation by combining the atmosphere of a day spa and the efficiency of professionalism of a high-end salon. Guests are always happy with their results. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment today. Call them at (919) 694-5990. They are conveniently located at 210 High House Road. Come see what all the buzz is about.

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