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Top Hair Salon In Cary

Roots Salon and Wellness In Cary, NC

Residents of Cary, NC have chosen Roots Salon and Wellness again and again since it opened in 2017. This is how the salon was able to expand this year! Since their guests are supporting them this much, along with providing a nearly five-star rating online, this hair salon in Cary is continuing to grow.

Roots was created by Zachary Hewett. He has strong “roots” in NC beauty salons because he grew up in the salon in which his mother worked. Even after she went on to work a different line of business, he continued to spend time in the salon belonging to a family friend. It was inevitable that he grew up to become a Cary hairdresser.

He opened his top hair salon in Cary, Roots Salon, in early 2017. Ever since then the support allowed him to expand to the stand-alone Cary beauty salon it is today. This is a one-stop-shop providing all types of beauty services under one roof.

Roots Salon Services

Roots Salon and Wellness, as mentioned before, delivers so much more than just Cary hairdresser services. Clients can also find the following all under the same roof:


Hair Extensions


Spray Tan

Teeth Whitening

This means that clients can have anything they need to feel absolutely stunning all in the same place. From big dates to a full-on wedding, this Cary hair salon can take you through the entire journey to your ideal look. This makes a difference for someone with a busy schedule.

Get Your Nails Done At Roots Salon and Wellness

For a modern manicure and relaxing pedicure, clients choose the five-star service offered at Roots Salon and Wellness. See if the following options fit your Cary beauty salon needs:

Gel Manicure

Color Dip Manicure

Roots Signature Manicure (Includes a spa experience)

Roots Signature Pedicure (Similar to a spa experience)

Spa Pedicure (A true spa experience)

Since the expansion of 2019, Roots Salon and Wellness is a hair salon in Cary with the most high-tech equipment, such as your seating. For a pedicure, and even hair care and teeth whitening, it is important to have a comfortable seat to relax in. Allow your worries to melt away in the new and improved homely atmosphere of Roots Salon.

The Roots Salon Difference

To have nails as perfect and stunning as pictured on the website, clients choose Roots Salon’s five-star service. The licensed technicians will bring your vision to life with a gentle touch. Again, Zachary Hewett and his talented team are passionate about providing top-notch service that makes customers feel at home and as relaxed as at a spa.

Hewett makes his dream a reality through his hair salon in Cary, Roots Salon and Wellness. Clients are consistently surprised by the outstanding service that he and his team provide every single time. Let this one-stop-shop be your next beauty destination. We can take care of all your Cary beauty salon needs.

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