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Hair Extensions 101

If You Have Been Thinking of Getting Hair Extensions, Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

Most people with short hair get help from Cary Hair Extensions. Extensions add volume to your hair and give you an undone texture of your dreams. More can be found here.

Different Styles

There are different methods of putting hair extensions. They range from the hand-tied extensions that are set with thread and beads, the fusion hair extensions that are fused using heat, and the tape-in extensions that are added via a tape adhesive. See also about Eliminate Unwanted Body Hair.

How to Choose

You must pick a color that corresponds to your skin color. You should also match the color of your extension to your natural hair color to look both natural and vibrant all at the same time.


How to Cut And Style

Good Cary Hair Extensions should blend with your natural hair. A great cut can do the trick for you. Once the extensions are in, some of your hair layers should be cut to blend the two hair types. 



You should take proper care of your extension hair as you would your natural hair. 

Visit Roots Salon and Wellness for hair extensions services.

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