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Favorite Hair Salon In Cary

Cary, NC – Roots Salon and Wellness

For a chic new hair salon in Cary, NC, residents choose Roots Salon and Wellness. Conveniently located on High House Road, this is a top destination for several Cary beauty salon needs.

Zachary Hewett, owner and founder, started Roots in 2017. Already, they have been able to expand into the stand-alone salon it is today in 2019. He grew up in a salon where his mother worked. Even after she switched careers, he continued to hang around a salon owned by a family friend. This gave him a lot of hands-on knowledge and eventually led him to becoming a hairdresser right here in Cary. Clients love the local-business mentality and how they can feel at home at Roots Salon and Wellness

Currently Available Services

Guests enjoy a wide variety of options when they book an appointment with Roots Salon. This is not just a regular hair salon in Cary, NC. They also offer the following

Hair Extensions

Nail Services

Spray Tanning Services

Teeth Whitening

Esthetics Services

With all these services available under one roof, a bride can prepare for her whole wedding in a single location. Guests can find a reason to stay all day as if Roots was a day spa.

That is the intent behind Hewett’s opening Roots. He wanted the atmosphere to be familial and comfortable when a guest walks in. His team of specialists works with a gentle touch that creates a relaxing experience rather than the typical hustle and bustle of a high-end salon. Guests truly feel at home.

Teeth Whitening Services At Roots Salon

Guests find the teeth whitening service convenient at Roots Salon and Wellness. That’s right, this hair salon in Cary can beautify your smile, along with your hair and nails.

There are many reasons clients choose to whiten their teeth. This includes drinking too much coffee or wine, certain medications or illnesses, advancing age, or just plain genetics. Anyone can benefit from this type of service. It will simply brighten your smile, which is the universal sign of kindness.

This hair salon in Cary offers a process called “Laser Teeth Whitening”. This is also known as light-activated teeth whitening. It’s a modern and more expensive solution, but this advancement has allowed the process to take as little as an hour and the results are immediate. Therefore, clients find this to be a convenient destination for their Cary teeth-whitening needs. It can be completed right before or after an appointment with a talented hairdresser.

The Roots Difference

Zachary Hewett worked hard to create a hair salon in Cary that is different than the rest. This is how he gained so much support so quickly and was able to expand just this year. Give them a call at (919) 694-5990 to book an appointment. Knowledgeable staff is on hand to discuss your beauty concerns and how Roots can offer a natural and exquisite solution that will make you love the person in the mirror.

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