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Cary, NC Is A Festive City

Cary, NC Has Events and Festivals That You’ll love

There's always something eventful and fun taking place in Cary town. All through the year, the calendar is still full of events in line to entertain you. Whether you are staying or just passing through the city, there is always something that will always captivating and will steal your heart and eyes. Information can be found here.

Music Festivals

The city hosts several music events throughout the year to mark select dates and occasions. There are others just organized for you, fun and entertainment. Koka Booth Amphitheatre hosts a hundred of live concerts running through April up to October. Events here include live music performances featuring artists from all walks of life, classical to modern. See here for information about Cary, NC Is Hoteling Destination.

Wine Festivals

North Carolina Wine Festival is one of the significant events that take place in Cary City. It takes place annually at the Koka Booth. Attend this event and get a taste of a hundred different varieties of North Carolina wines and beer. This event includes a blend of food and music from local bands rocking the air with people from all walks of life. If you like attending events full of people holding wine glasses, tasting all manner of wines, and tossing with strangers, then this is the best destination for you.