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Since 2017, our reputation in the Cary area has grown tremendously — people love our crew. With a wide variety of services available, our talented professionals know just what you really need to look and feel great. Swing by our Salon and let our team of experts pamper you!



Owner / Artist

Hey Friend!

As owner and seasoned stylist, I strive to set the direction and continue to raise the bar. With over 8+ years behind the chair, my specialty training includes dimensional blondes, balayage, and hair extensions!

It is my mission to provide a customized luxury experience for each one of my guests while educating and promoting healthy beautiful hair, while have a great time.

I know my salon guests come expecting great hair - it is my customer service and experience that makes my team and I the major point of difference. It all begins with listening, "what do you love about your hair, what do you hate?" a phrase you may hear a lot. Together, we come up with a plan that suits your daily life and to help you feel more confident.

This fun loving, DIY-er, reality TV junkie wants you to feel relaxed, loved, appreciated and pampered but having fun while you are here. And of course, loving the finish product wen we are finished!


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At roots we offer the best in the business, that’s why we decided to have Davines as our leading product for backbar and retail in our home. Davines Group was founded by the Bollati family in Parma, Italy in 1983 as a high-end haircare research lab. After a decade of honing their expertise and formulas, the Davines brand was created. Since the start, they have focused on crafting quality products that are scientifically engineered for effectiveness and express our distinctive style and spirit. As a B-Corp company, we make everything with special attention to and respect for our environment. Davines products are still made in Parma today with a combination of the highest-quality natural ingredients and scientific rigor. As firm believers in curiosity, open-mindedness and exploration, and with a high regard for culture in all its forms, we are constantly developing concepts and products that challenge the mainstream conceptions of beauty. Though Davines are an international company, our roots are planted in their heritage as a family-owned lab, guided by the desire for quality products with timeless appeal.